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[Product Name] Tamanu Tamanu Oil

Specifications: 1000ML (plastic bottles)

Origin: France
Extraction Method: Cold Physics

Tamanu (Calopwyllum inophyllum linn) genus Garcinia (Guttiferae), evergreen tree, rich in our country’s Hainan and Taiwan Province, is a tropical tree species for afforestation of barren hills and wasteland. It is widely used, the economic value of timber and fruit large timber shipbuilding, repairer, building, equipment and furniture material with good timber. Fruit can produce oil, can be used for soap, oil. Shuzi beautiful, an annual flowering.

Calophyllum inophyllum Calophyllum genus Garcinia evergreen trees . The first flowering twice a year in late May to early June flowering , fruit ripening in October ; November second flowering , fruit ripening in March-April next year . Tamanu Shuzi beautiful, fragrant white flowers , long flowering period , the taste is very fragrant , but also bear the dolphin green spherical drupe , until the nuts mature, turn into red-brown , truly beautiful , scent is very sweet, plump fruit like plums, distributing the energy stability and prosperity . Tamanu stone will be dried in the sun later , simply press Tamanu oil can be extracted .

Tamanu oil is also known as Eno Firenzuola (Tamanu) oil, repair and protect its efficacy is known : it can treat burns , eczema, in cosmetics has antibacterial properties. It played a role in preventing skin wrinkling Tamanu is an excellent ornamental tree , a child can do household potted plants , plants grown up can be done after garden cultivation . Hi light, hi hot climate , resistant to dry heat , not cold , the temperature will be below 4 degrees below freezing . Do not choose the soil , but the soil deep , well-drained sandy loam growth as well.

Tamanu oil dark green slightly viscous , when used normally join other vegetable oils to increase liquidity . Approximate percentage of oleic acid olive oil , in addition to stearic acid and coumarin , terpenes, and flavonoids. Helps the skin moisturizing jojoba oil on growth to help even better than , other physiological role is as follows:
1 . Strengthen veins and capillaries.
2 antirheumatic .
3 -bacterial, anti-viral to promote immunization.
4 anti-inflammatory , wound healing and cell regeneration.
Sweden REF hair products main ingredient is Tamanu oil,
It gives you a healthy skin and hair ( give your scalp care effect )
Tamanu oil one kind of French and German therapists widely used vegetable oil, very comprehensive help on a variety of skin problems , regardless of burns, ulcers, eczema , herpes, acne , allergies, cracks and so on. Also because of its exceptionally strong wound effect, it will undoubtedly reveal the characteristics of the skin , in addition for therapeutic purposes , but also effective care of our scalp.


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